Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors  We are able to quote & order in bespoke sliding wardrobe doors in a range of different finishes and materials. These doors are available in two, three and four door combinations. 

Details are as follows: 
• All doors are made to measure. As long as we are provided with the internal measurements of the height & width, we will ensure the doors are manufactured in proportion. 
• Firstly, we need the internal width measurement of the 2 walls (if a frame is being built at a later date, this will affect the measurements). We will also require the height, measured at either ends and in the centre - this allows an average to be taken, although, if there is a difference of more than 15mm, the ceiling may need to be levelled out or some form of framework may have to be built. 
Pricing: All wood grain and silver mirror doors are the same price. Bronze mirror is the next price group up, followed by painted glass and then metalux or split. 
Pricing: Prices include both the frame and tracking. 
• Any combination of styles can be incorporated - the pricing will always be based on the most expensive option chosen. E.g. If the customer wants 1 door with a walnut wood grain and another door in green glass, this combination will fall under the painted glass section. 
• To give your doors a contemporary look, cross strips can be purchased for £20 per strip matching the same colour of your frame & tracking or with a different finish. 
• We recommend a minimum depth of 610mm for your wardrobe - this allows for the doors to slide easily without having to push clothing to the side. If this depth isn't achievable, we ask that you keep this issue in mind as it may cause complications in the future. 
• Internal shelving/storage/rails etc. are available, varying depending on wardrobe size. The materials for this will need to be measured up by the fitter before we can quote what is needed. 
Delivery time: 10 - 14 days 
For a price estimate, please feel free to email us at asking for a quote with your sizes and the sort of style you would like to go for and we will be back in touch ASAP. To place an order for the sliding mirror wardrobe doors, you would need to pop in store to have a look at the different finishes available before we can go ahead with the order. 

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