CDA 900mm Updraft Extractor (Stainless Steel) 3U10SS£1,170.00

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CDA 900mm Updraft Extractor (Stainless Steel) 3U10SS 
The CDA 3U10SS up right designer extractor is a statement piece for any kitchen. The 3U10SS has 4 speeds as well as a saturation warning light that makes maintaining your filters hassle free. It also has a 10 minute timer meaning there is no need to turn off the extractor after cooking. 
This product comes complete with a 5 year parts & 2 year labour guarantee 
• Ducted/re-circulating installation 
• Touch control 
• 3 speeds + intensive 
• 10 minute timer 
• Aluminium grease filter 
• Filter saturation warning light 
• Lighting: 1 x 10W LED strip light 
Optional Accessories: 
• Ducting kit code: AED 61/63/64 
• Charcoal filter for re-circulation: CHA32 (pack of 2) 
Technical Specification: 
• Rated electrical power: 90W 
• Required height over gas hobs: 650mm (min) 
• Required height over electric hobs: 650mm (min) 
• Motor Input: 80W 
• Power supply: 3A 
• Pressure value: 450Pa 
• Outlet diameter: 150mm 
• Outlet diameter: 150mm 
• Optional accessories: Chimney section, AEC02SS 
Extraction Rates and Noise: 
• Extraction rate: 496m3/hr 
• Noise level: 68dBA 
• Extraction rate at first speed: 228m3/hr 
• Noise level at first speed: 52dBA 
• Extraction rate at second speed: 332m3/hr 
• Noise level at second speed: 53dBA 
• Extraction rate at third speed: 430m3/hr 
• Noise level at third speed: 61dBA 
• Extraction rate at fourth speed: 496m3/hr 
• Noise level at fourth speed: 68dBA 
• Energy rating: C 
• Type of light: 1x10W strip light 
• Aluminium grease filter 
• Number of grease filters: 1 
• Number of charcoal filters (optional): 1 
• Charcoal filter code: CHA32 
• Ducting kit: AED61/63/64 
CDA 900mm Updraft Extractor (Stainless Steel) 3U10SS