Neff 800mm Induction Venting Hob (Anthracite Grey Trim) V68AUX4C0£2,349.00

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Neff 800mm Induction Venting Hob (Anthracite Grey Trim) V68AUX4C0 - N90 
This product comes with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee (upon registration) 
• TwistPadFire – our removable, magnetic, illuminated control dial that gives you precise control over all cooking zones. 
• The stage is set for our intuitive little helper: The TwistPadFire is handy finger food for your every desire. Touching the TwistPadFire lightly will illuminate a red ring and then you can activate your desired cooking zone. Choose your power level by rotating this genius button. The magnetic TwistPadFire is removable and ready to transform your hob into a creative hotspot that is easy to clean. 
• Flex Induction – Your hob detects and heats your individual cookware. 
• With Flex Induction you can get creative with how you use your hob. Merge flexible cooking zones into one, evenly heated surface. Use the big zone for large cookware – or load it flexibly to cook rice, steam veggies and simmer your sauce. Your hob scans the size and shape of your cookware and heats only where needed. 
• Automatic Air Sensor – Constantly adjusts the extraction rate to match the situation in the kitchen. 
•The hood knows what to do. When you’re cooking, the fumes and smells in your kitchen are bound to vary. Instead of touching the controls, leave the Automatic Air Sensor in charge. It automatically keeps track of the air quality, so you can focus on your delicate dishes. 
• Power Move – Just slide your cookware to adjust the temperature. 
• One flex zone, three power levels. Inspired by professional cooktops, Power Move gives you one big cooking area with different zones: boil in the front, simmer in the middle and keep pans warm at the far end. Simply slide your cookware where it needs to be, and keep your focus on your cooking. 
• Power Transfer – when you reposition a pot, your settings automatically follow the cookware. 
• Black 
• Type of appliance width 80 cm 
• Dimensions of the heating elements 1 x (40,0 x 24,0 cm), 1 x (40,0 x 24,0 cm) 
• Power of the heating elements 4 x 2.2 (3.7) kW 
• Number of induction plates 4 
• Maximum output air extraction 500 m³/h 
• Boost position air extraction 622 m³/h 
• Maximum output recirculating air 500 m³/h 
• Boost position output recirculating 615.0 m³/h 
• Sound power at max. speed (2010/30/EC) 69 dB 
• Sound power boost (2010/30/EC) 74 dB 
• Noise level 69 dB(A) re 1 pW 
• Energy consumption of hob 185.0 Wh/kg 
Included accessories 
• 1 x adjustment strip 750 - 780 mm 
• 1 x Clean Air Standard odor filter 
Neff 800mm Induction Venting Hob (S/S Trim) T58TL6EN2 - N90 
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